Slasher II

A Girl Who Just Wants To Have Fun


Slash 1. A genre of fanfiction pairing two male or two female characters together.

Slasher (assuming you aren’t referring to the man-tiger of the same name) is Ellen Winkler, a young woman in her early twenties. A long-time fanfic reader and writer.

Her not-so-secret talent is her ability to mentally influence people over a very large area, evoking an irresistable sexual attraction between men or women, or both. Initially, she had no idea she was causing the public displays of affection, or that she could affect such a large area. It didn’t take her long to figure out what a great distraction it could be, enabling her to steal pretty much anything while every possible bystander, witness, security guard or cop was engaged in an orgy.

5 – Sexy Times Are Now!
4 – I’m No Threat. I’m Just A – Teenage Girl- Young Woman
3 – The Internet Is My Plaything.
1 – Easy Come, Easy Go. Can’t Hang Onto Her Ill-Gotten Gains.

Slasher II

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