A Man-Tiger, Utterly Civilized...Until He's Not


Slasher wasn’t always a man-tiger. At one time, he was merely a man. Or merely a tiger. Which story you get depends on his mood that day.

What is indisputable is that he prefers to get what he wants through persuasion, appealing to the listener’s avarice, pride, or—when all else fails—his sense of self-preservation. But when push comes to shove, Slasher will have what he wants, or you’ll pay dearly for denying him.

5 – A tiger in human form; keen senses, strong, fast, with razor claws and teeth.
4 – Violence is so uncivilized. Really, can’t we reach a meeting of the minds?
3 – Wealth is almost as useful as violence in getting what one really wants.
1 – Does Not Suffer Fools Gladly. But Fools Suffer Greatly In His Presence.



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