Iron Maiden II

She's A Heroine, Goddammit!


Irene Cole is a scientific genius, every bit the equal (in her own opinion, at least) of Doctor Syence. She made her fortune in business at a very young age, selling the rights to various minor but extremely lucrative, inventions to build her fortune. That allowed her to build the suit of powered armor with which she intended to amaze and impress the world as Iron Maiden, the Power Armor Heroine!

Weeks before she went live, another woman claimed the name Iron Maiden. Furious, Irene attacked her, intending to kill her and prove her right to the name. She lost. She went to prison. But not for long. Now she’s a criminal, most of her fortune inaccessible if not seized outright. But she still has her genius—and her eternal hatred for the usurper, who will pay for her crimes. Oh yes, she will pay.

5 – Powered Armor For The Win!
4 – Powered Armor Is Only The Beginning. Have Another Surprise.
3 – Money Will Buy Silence, Shelter, And An Endless Army of Minions.
1 – Nothing Is Ever Her Fault. The Blame Lies Elsewhere. And They Will Pay.


Iron Maiden II

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