Doctor Otaku

Nobody's Ever Seen Him, Actually


Doctor Otaku seldom never strays from his lair. He prefers to interact with the world via his extensive and ever-growing collection of robots. These vary from obvious, 50’s sci-fi style robots to incredibly lifelike androids. He would probably be a lot more dangerous if he didn’t spent most of his time obsessing over Iron Maiden and concocting one scheme after another to capture her, apparently in the vague hope that he will then win her affections…somehow.

Style: That’s A Good Question

Doctor Otaku’s sole known power is his apparent genius. It’s an oddly limited and specific sort of genius. His contributions to the science of robotics and artificial intelligence are amazing, and would be vastly more so if anyone else were capable of understanding the nuances of his creations. Even Doctor Science, widely considered the most intelligent person alive, has been unable to duplicate his work in these fields.


Doctor Otaku

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