Black Knight, The

The Black Knight Always Triumphs!


The Black Knight, aka Victor Kruger is ninety years old. Until his recent transformation, he felt every day of it. Now he looks and feels like a 25 year-old—if 25 year-olds were superhumanly strong and virtually indestructible.

Oh, he’s not invulnerable. Far from it. He’s no tougher than a normal man. It’s just that he regenerates so fast that you can’t even really call it “healing.” There’s just a flare of energy from the wounds—for the instant they exist—before he’s good as new. He took his nom du guerre from Monty Python’s Black Knight, for obvious reasons.

Style: He dresses like the Kurgan from Highlander

5 – “Your arm’s off!” “No, it isn’t.”
4 – He’ll Try Anything Once, Twice If He Likes It
3 – Lifelong Reader of Science and Genre Fiction
1 – Never Breaks His Word, So Hesitates To Give It

Stomping Grounds: Portland, OR


Black Knight, The

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