The Most Powerful Being On Earth


Sovereign is universally recognized as the most powerful entity on the planet. The full range of his powers, assuming it to be finite, remains a mystery. Fortunately, he mostly keeps to himself.

Style: Jeans, t-shirts and work boots.

5 – What Part of Nigh-Omnipotent Don’t You Understand?
4 – Is There Anything He Can’t Do?
3 – Don’t Tread On Me
1 – He Hates Getting Mixed Up In Politics


One of the earliest, though not the first, human being to exhibit superhuman powers, Sovereign is universally recognized as the most powerful entity on the planet. An American by birth, he reacted badly when his attempts to use his abilities to help people were met by repeated attempt to kill or capture him, and later—when brute force proved ineffective—to extort his cooperation by threatening his family and friends.

After making a conspicuous and bloody example of the politicians orchestrating the campaign against him, he walked into the United Nations and announced his intention to claim Antarctica as his own as the world’s first Sovereign Individual. It took a few weeks, but once it became clear that he was both willing and able to enforce his sovereignty by raining destruction on any government that challenged him, the nations of the world recognized his claim.

He has confined himself to Antarctica, save for trips to the handful of (mostly tiny) nations that have granted him diplomatic status. Nonetheless, he has access to vast resources, and has undertaken a huge construction project, involving hundreds of laborers and huge amounts of material, popularly known as the “Fortress of Arrogance” in the press. What it really means remains a mystery.


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