Former B-movie leading man gone ape!


The Man-Ape, or Lloyd Greystoke, is a former actor. His inexplicable overnight transformation into a Man-Ape was the key to turning Gumshoe Gorilla from a forgettable cable show into a media sensation. Once that series ended, he discovered little call for a Man-Ape in Hollywood. He eventually became a private eye, investigating and solving truly bizarre mysteries brought to his attention by former fans who had trouble separating fact (Lloyd was an actor) from fiction (he played a detective).

Style: Over six feet tall, covered in a black pelt. He wear Bermuda shorts and sandals or dresses to the nines. Nothing in between.

5 – Five Hundred Pounds of Muscle
4 – Charming & Ascerbic By Turns
3 – I Know People
1 – Fanatical Fans Follow Him Everywhere

Stomping Grounds: Los Angeles, CA



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