Lahar Vulcan

Teleporting Killer


Lahar Vulcan (real name unknown) appeared on the scene only a year or two ago, but he’s made a name for himself as a bloodthirsty lunatic. Superhumans like him are the reason the Guardians exist. Vulcan has the ability to teleport, with the side effect of creating a violent thunderclap when he appears or disappears (as air is violently displaced, or slams into the momentary vacuum he creates). It’s deafening and sometimes worse. Subtle, he ain’t.

Worse, he uses this power to wreak havoc. Yes, he robs banks, jewelry stores, and anywhere else he chooses—but he also kills people. He’s not a hired killer. Just a maniac. He kills people just for annoying him. He may suddenly appear beside you with a weapon to bludgeon, stab or shoot you. Or grab you and teleport high into the air or in front of a speeding bus before vanishing again, leaving you to die.

Schtick: Loud, Violent Teleportation and Maniacal Commitment

5 – Fast. Loud. Violent. Instant Travel Makes Crimes So Easy To Commit
4 – The World Is Filled With Isolated Locales. And He Knows All of Them.
3 – Surprisingly well educated for a murderous nutcase
1 – Subtle, he ain’t.


Lahar Vulcan is quite obviously a pseudonym, and evidence that he is trained (or at least interested) in geology, as the two words are geological terms. The limits of his ability are hard to state with confidence, but the Guardians believe he can teleport to anyplace he is familiar with, or can observe directly (he’s been known to use binoculars) but he can’t jump to a location he sees on television (or at least no one has ever witnessed it). He can teleport with a thought, and can do so repeatedly with no evidence of fatigue. He also seems to be immune to the deafening side effects of his own power

Lahar Vulcan

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