Former masked heroine gone public


Kinetic was one of the first masked “Superheroes” to appear. She did well at first, but a moment’s inattention allowed an opponent to get the upper hand briefly, and led to a number of bystander deaths. Horrified and guilty, Kinetic vanished after that. Nothing was seen of her for nearly two decades.

Six months ago, criminals robbed an upscale restaurant. When they demonstrated their intent to murder the customers and staff, Carrie MacDonald, a chef, disarmed and captured them—revealing her powers and her identity as Kinetic to the world. With her secret exposed, she joined the Guardians and has resumed wearing a costume, but no longer bothers with a mask.

Style: TBD

5 – Eye Of The Telekinetic Storm
4 – Nobody Can Multi-Task Like I Do
3 – World-Traveling Chef
1 – Papparazzi Really Piss Her Off



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