Kid Kaiju

Shape-changing Fan of Japanese Monster Movies


Kid Kaiju is a 13 year-old boy, a bit scrawny but scrappy, with tousled hair. Not above using his obvious youth and small stature to scam adults. He can transform into any Kaiju he can imagine, but no larger than a big man.

Style: torn jeans, tattered sneakers, and no shirt as often as not.

4 – Turns Into Cute Miniature Kaiju
5 – They’re Not Cute At All, They’re Horrifying!
3 – Hey Mister, Can You Help Me?
1 – Enraged When Dismissed as Unimportant or Unthreatening


His monster forms may only be human sized (albeit a very large human), but they pack a punch all out of proportion to his size. He can fling armored cars around, shrug off the heaviest ordnance the army can produce, and bring down buildings like a full-sized kaiju. It will just take him longer.

Kid Kaiju

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