Iron Maiden

The Woman In Black


Iron Maiden, aka Leah Wright, fights crime because, in her words, “Somebody has to do it.” Possessed of near invulnerability, superhuman strength, and the ability to fly, she feels obliged to use her powers when they can help a situation. She’s more likely to aid in disasters (natural or man-made) than go looking for crime to fight; if you see her “patrolling” the skies, you’re mistaken. She just loves flying. She loves it a lot. If you asked her to choose between flying and sex, she would tell you that you are an evil, evil man (or woman).

Style: Tank top, leggings, leather skirt, boots, and a coachman’s cloak. Also a mask. All in black.

5 – Classic Flying Brick
4 – Notices Everything, and Thinks It Through
3 – Flies Her Geek Flag Proudly
1 – Too Often Disappointed By People

Stomping Grounds: Portland, OR


Iron Maiden

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