Smelly, scruffy, unkempt beggar with a secret


The Hindenbeggar was just another bum (or “homeless person” to gullible do-gooders) until the night some rich kids out looking for trouble chose him as their target. They found him sleeping in a pile of filthy rags and decided to light him up. They doused him in gasoline and set him afire. They were almost as surprised as he was when he didn’t die—but only briefly. They didn’t laugh much. But he did.

Style: Filthy cast-offs and a grimy watch cap, several days growth of beard.

5 – Oh Now You Respect Me—Because I’m A Threat!
4 – I Depend On The Kindness of Suckers
3 – What Am I, Invisible?
1 – Temper, Temper

Stomping Grounds: New York City, NY


Once John Smith was just another bum. Or “street person” if you’re a credulous do-gooder. The city is just full of do-gooders who can’t wait to put a little cash in your tin cup, or food in your belly. And some of those high society dames like a man with a few rough edges, if you know what I mean. There are shelters for cold winter nights, and the hospital ER will always give you care if you need it. Food, shelter, booze and broads were easy to come by.

Until the night a bunch of hooligans thought it would be fun to set a bum on fire. They were almost as surprised as John when, instead of dying in a fire, he discovered his power to wield it like a weapon. Yeah, they were surprised, all right. Briefly.

That night the Hindenbeggar was born, and the world will never be the same!


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