Henry Hudson

He's cranky and possibly crazed--but makes a great burger!


Henry Hudson owns and operates Henry’s Hamburgers, a hole-in-the-wall lunch counter in downtown Campaign City. His hours are short and the lines are always long because nobody makes a better hamburger anywhere. But you’ll take it the way he makes it, and you’ll treat him—and his establishment—with respect, or you’ll get the boot.

Henry lives a quiet life, and likes it that way. On the rare occasion that someone tries to interfere with that, they regret it. Sometimes all to briefly, if their intentions were truly hostile.

5 – Retired Lovecraftian Investigator, Still Alive and Still Sane. Beware.
4 – Six Degrees of Henry Hudson. Whoever You Need, Henry Can Reach Him.
3 – Older And Slower Than He Once Was But Age And Treachery Et Cetera.
1 – Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, Know Henry. And Hold Grudges.


Henry Hudson

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