Hell's Angel

Supernaturally Beautiful Angel Engulfed in Flames


The first appearance of Hell’s Angel was at the site of a major warehouse fire. Over six feet tall, supernaturally beautiful, winged and wreathed in flames, she strode out of the conflagration utterly unharmed—and utterly naked. “Is she an angel?” one firefighter asked.

“Hell’s Angel, maybe,” a fellow firefighter said, within hearing of a reporter. And that was all it took. She flew away then, but has been seen (in costume) many times since, fighting crime.

Style: Straight platinum hair, pale skin, white Greek-style chiton and sandals—and a set of gorgeous fiery-hued wings.

5 – Being of Smokeless Fire
4 – Conflagrations Are Us
3 – Not As Aloof As She Pretends
1 – Hates Seeing Children Abused or Neglected


Hell's Angel

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