Street Level Brick


Blackguard (real name unknown) is a street-level super. Considerably stronger and tougher than ordinary humans. He works solo, and his crimes are garden-variety robberies and assaults.

Style: Blackguard dresses like a Ren Faire escapee, in a billowing white pirate-style shirt, tight dark pants, knee high boots and a sash or cummerbund. Add in his curly black hair, blue eyes and cheesy 70s-style porn ’stache and he looks exactly like the sort of man he is.

Schtick: Theatrical highwayman who fancies himself a ladies’ man.

5 – I’m The Best There Is At What I Do. And What I Do Is Brawl.
4 – Stronger And Tougher Than All Y’All. Bullets Don’t Hurt Me. Much.
3 – I’ve Got Street Smarts.
1 – Enjoys A Good Brawl Too Much

Stomping Grounds: Portland, OR



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