Alexei Torshin

East European Fashion Plate and Supervillain


Alexei Torshin was once a low-level thug, an enforcer for a mid-level eastern european syndicate. Then he was captured and interrogated by a man with a very particular set of skills, electrocuted and left for dead. But he didn’t die. He changed.

That was years ago. The man with the particular set of skills is long dead, and Alexei has moved on from revenge to capitalism. Murder is his business, and business is good.

Schtick: He absorbs, generates and throws around electricity.

Style: Supervillainy has been good to him; he could give 007 fashion tips.

5 – Shocking. Simply Shocking!
4 – The Women, They Love Me
3 – Euro-Trash
1 – Inveterate Womanizer

Stomping Grounds: Europe primarily, but he goes wherever the job takes him.


Alexei Torshin

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